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Welcome to CareerFit!

CareerFit is a career management firm for executives, managers and other professionals. Dedicated to helping people find satisfying work, we focus on finding the right fit. Our clients come from a variety of organizations: from Fortune 500's and not-for-profits; from small businesses and consultancies. By identifying interests, skills and values, our clients are better able to choose work settings that will maximize career success.

  • Are You Confused About Career Direction?
  • Having Difficulty with a Boss or Colleague?
  • In Conflict with Your Company Culture?
  • Is There a Mis-Match Between Your Talents and Job Requirements?
  • Have You Had a Failed Business?
  • Are You Unemployed?
  • Returning To Work After Raising Children?

  • If so, our consultants can help clarify direction and provide services for:
  • Career Assessment
  • Resume Development
  • Networking Training
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Negotiations

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